The Nuclear Materials Safeguards and Security Upgrades Project (NMSSUP) Phase II will support management and other current missions carried out in Technical Area (TA)-55 at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) by providing an effective, robust physical security system. The LANL nuclear missions, as they currently exist and as they are planned in the future, require a reliable safeguards and security system to assure the protection and control of special nuclear materials (SNM), classified matter, and NNSA property. The nuclear materials operation at TA-55 involves the ability to securely store, move, process, and track nuclear materials. The NMSSUP Phase II project plays a key role in the support of this mission by replacing or improving the aging exterior physical security systems and installing enhanced systems to provide support for the TA-55 site. This project includes a secure access tunnel Primary daily access portal for 1500 people and 100 vehicles.

• Site Utilities
• Plumbing/Piping
• Duct Detailing
• Pipe Detailing
• BIM Detailing/Coordination
• Duct Fabrication
• Pipe Pre-Fabrication
• Training/Start-up

• 8,295 Sq/Ft
• New Construction
• Government/Security
• Plan & Spec
• Los Alamos National Labs TA-55 Site
• Perimeter Intrusion Assessment
• Vehicle and Pedestrian Entry Control Facility


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May 12, 2015