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I don’t get the opportunity to recommend a vendor very often, but it is a joy to recommend Miller Bonded, Inc. to you. They have worked with us on multiple phases of our campus renovation over the last year and a half, and the projects have been quite complex. At no point has there been anything I’ve requested that they have not been able or willing to perform and in all circumstances they have exceeded my expectations. In all situations they have conducted themselves as if the work they were doing mattered as much to them as it did to me and this is not the most typical experience I’ve had with vendors providing services for our school district.

We have had to stage the work, moving staff and students from one building to another during the construction process. MBI staff has had to work around our campus primary objective, educating the students of De Baca County, and they have done so in a cheerful and gracious fashion. The staff followed all of our safety rules, as well as conforming to their own internal safety rules and following all of the general contractor’s expectations as well. The collaboration between Jaynes, MBI and the local school district staff has been so easy and pleasant.

I have absolutely no reservations about recommending Miller Bonded to you. They are knowledgeable, highly professional, and genuinely committed to the satisfaction of their customers. If you have any questions about this incredible firm, please do not hesitate to contact me. In addition to the office phone and email available on this letter, you may also contact me via cell phone: 575.799.7752

Patricia D. Miller

NBCT Superintendent, Fort Sumner Municipal Schools

Miller Bonded Incorporated has been a business partner of Banner Thunderbird Medical Center for over three years. During this time, Banner Thunderbird embarked on a $290 million expansion project in which Miller Bonded was selected as the mechanical and plumbing contractor.

Miller Bonded has proven to be a contractor that is extremely competent, sophisticated and knowledgeable related to the design and construction of large, complex mechanical and plumbing projects. They take great pride and ownership in their work.

Miller Bonded Inc. has proven that they are an organization of character and integrity by following up and following through on any mechanical or plumbing issues that are identified until they have been resolved. They strive to do the right things for the right reasons.

I would be happy to work with Miller Bonded Inc. on any future project(s) that they would be considered or selected for.

Michael Lenz

Facilities Services Director, Banner Thunderbird Medical Center

I am writing this letter to express my professional appreciation for the work Miller Bonded Inc performed for the Centennial Engineering project. I have managed several high level projects over the years and understand the importance of coordination between all trades to complete work in a quality like manner and within budget. Above ceiling coordination work is probably the most difficult task to accomplish when you are constrained by space, access and have multiple disciplines in a tight area. The 3-d modeling coordination Miller Bonded provided for the above ceiling work in Centennial was outstanding. I appreciated the professional meetings held in your office with all subs who were stakeholders in the coordination of the above ceiling work. Your cad technicians were well versed and were cooperative, ensuring that all trades participated in the over all coordination of the facilities going above the ceiling. The constant coordination and cooperation throughout the 3-D modeling process was without doubt what made the difference in the field and saved the University time and money. As an ex Intel employee I have seen coordination taken to its highest level and I understand the importance of ensuring dimensions are accurate and physically possible to ensure placement of excessive amounts of facilities in tight spaces, this project was no exception and it was clear that your process was valuable and appreciated. On behalf of the University and the Centennial Engineering building team, thank you for your professional approach and I hope that you will continue to provide this service on future project at the University New Mexico.

Pete Nieto

Senior Construction Manager, UNM Centennial Engineering Project

We have discussed both with you and others the extremely valuable nature of Miller Bonded’s Coordination activities/services provided on the University of New Mexico Centennial Engineering Laboratory and Office Facility and wanted to take a moment to express in writing our appreciation. Not every Facility requires the high level of skill and commitment you have provided to this project in the Coordination Process, but this project could not have remained on schedule as it has to date, and the quality of the work in the field to date would have been next to impossible.

Your use of the latest Software and training of your staff in its use exceeds the capabilities of most if not all the Engineers we work with in the design of these complex building systems. Equally valuable was the Collaborative Process utilized in working through the areas where the inevitable conflicts in incorporating the systems of all the trades in the limited spaces available. The nearly one dozen meetings held at your office with all the trades including both the designers and the field supervisors, General Contractor, Engineer, Architect and Owner is one of the best examples of “Partnering” we have participated in. Resolving these issues in Virtual Space instead of the field benefits us all.

We look forward to the successful completing of this great project and the next opportunity to work with your firm in this Process, which you have made the commitment to as well as the highly skilled staff in your office and field.

Van H Gilbert Architect PC

AIA, UNM Centennial Engineering Coordination Process

Recently my project team and I completed a 3rd floor addition and renovation project at the Banner Heart Hospital with Miller Bonded Inc. as the mechanical Subcontractor. The project involved complex hybrid operating rooms and EP cardio cath labs including pre-op, PACU and other associated support spaces. The project was a fast track project with a six day work week schedule including an off hours shift for all of the interior renovations.

I was pleased to be able to work on this complex project with a qualified mechanical Subcontractor such as MBI. They committed highly qualified tradesmen to the project and staffed the project appropriately. On several occasions, MBI was asked to provide multiple crews for high impact shutdowns, even over holiday weekends. These challenges were met without complaint and went off without incident every time. MBI did an excellent job during the coordination phase and was very strong in every aspect of the 3D coordination. I would not hesitate to work with them on future healthcare projects.

Ryan Hook

Project Manager, Kitchell Healthcare Division

Miller Bonded, Inc. was hired as a Design Assist subcontractor for a $289 million hospital expansion project in Glendale, AZ for Banner Thunderbird Medical Center and as the Project Executive over this project I could have not been more pleased with our decision.

The experience, professionalism and management of the BIM process by MBI has proved to be a huge success for our complex project. MBI is the ultimate team player which breeds collaboration for all.

I am confident in their ability to deliver and look forward to the opportunity of working with Miller Bonded, Inc. on future projects.

Jim Lucas

Project Executive, Banner Thunderbird Medical Center