Maintenance & Repair

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The highly skilled service team at Miller Bonded Inc. offers the highest quality maintenance in the areas of plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning, new construction, remodeling and tenant improvements, and preventative maintenance on commercial, residential and industrial projects.

Through planned and proactive maintenance, Miller Bonded Inc. helps reduce costs and system downtime while extending the life of your mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. When service is required, Miller Bonded’s experienced team of service technicians is available 24/7 to diagnose and repair all of your building’s various systems promptly.

Pre-Construction Services

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Miller Bonded Inc. provides full spectrum pre-construction services

Miller Bonded Inc. has years of experience with both design-build and design assist to provide our customers with full spectrum pre-construction services.The cost control methods utilized during the construction phase of a project are directly reflective of the concepts established in pre-construction. Miller Bonded’s pre-construction services are proposed and then developed, with the estimate preparation and information changing based on the needs of our customer and the project. Pre-construction services incorporate design-build and design assist, as fit the needs of customer, which are extremely useful tools for controlling the project with regards to schedule, cost and quality. As there are changes to the project design, estimates are provided to encompass the varying levels of project completeness. There is a strong emphasis on continued coordination between the Architect, Engineer, General Contractor and Owner as well as each of the trades which helps facilitate a more efficient, cost & time saving, higher quality construction process.
The Miller Bonded Inc. Pre-construction Services Department is highly technical and professional, abiding by certain standards of ethical conduct and moral judgment that goes beyond the technical aspects of the project and exercising sound moral and professional judgment during all phases of the project estimate.

Mechanical Systems

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Miller Bonded Inc. has a strong reputation for constructing reliable mechanical systems. From the most simple to the most sophisticated projects, Miller Bonded Inc. possesses all of the necessary capabilities to get the job done right.

At Miller Bonded, every aspect of mechanical system construction and installation can be designed, coordinated and executed in a timely and efficient manner.


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The highly-trained, skillful Detailing Department at Miller Bonded Inc. uses technologically advanced computer aided drawing for every project, ensuring the best, most accurate product every time.

Using the foremost CAD technology, Miller Bonded Inc. provides 3D detailing services for our projects. The Miller Bonded Inc. Building Information Modeling (BIM) team develops 3D virtual models throughout the entire construction process, identifying potential setbacks before construction even begins. Then throughout the construction process maintains a strong line of communication for all construction partners until project completion.

Duct & Pipe Fabrication

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Using a high-tech facility Miller Bonded manufactures custom duct work and mechanical piping for jobs of all sizes. Miller Bonded also offers pre-sectioning and on-site delivery.

Miller Bonded offers advanced fabrication services to meet the needs of any client with any size project. Using a state-of-the-art 23,000 square foot fabrication facility, we can create galvanized, aluminum, stainless steel and other specialty-metal ductwork. We fabricate both rectangular and spiral duct. Using top-of-the-line equipment, including digitally controlled plasma cutting machines and a computerized coil line allowing direct programming or uploading of files, Miller Bonded processes rolled domestic galvanized domestic mill steel into high quality manufactured ducts and fittings.

In our 16,000 square foot LEED Gold certified pipe fabrication shop we employ the use of our Watts plasma pipe cutter for all of the various pipe patterns, diameters or wall thicknesses a job may require. This cutter in conjunction with our CAD generated spool sheets allows for a more effective fabrication process. Miller Bonded prefabricates items such as water heater skids, mechanical skids and plumbing batteries to maximize time efficiency for the installation process in the field.