CNM L Building


This project will include renovating the existing building as well as the additions of entry atria on the north, south and east facades. The existing building is approximately 33,000 square feet; the additional space will be approximately 6,500 square feet. Windows currently set out five feet will be filled in with laboratory and classroom space, automatically adding 3,000 square feet. Also, the south end of the building will be expanded 3,000 square feet and the north end expanded 4,000, increasing the building size from 33,000 square feet to 43,000 square feet. The project will incorporate eco-friendly and energy-efficient features, and will provide two areas for students to congregate and study.

• Plumbing/Piping
• Duct Detailing
• Pipe Detailing
• BIM Detailing/Coordination
• Duct Fabrication
• Pipe Pre-Fabrication
• Firestopping
• Training/Start-up

• 43,570 Sq/Ft
• Education
• Renovation
• Addition


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May 12, 2015